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Photovoltaic Industry

Watlow Photovoltaic Industry

Watlow® offers you a complete thermal solution for photovoltaic processing equipment

As one of the world's largest suppliers of heaters, controllers and sensors, Watlow® offers a range of leading thermal solutions for photovoltaic (PV) processing equipment. How is Watlow different from other suppliers and manufacturers? They offer a complete thermal solution from large radiant heater subassemblies for deposition equipment to integrated temperature controllers solutions. Whatever the equipment design or applications needs are, Watlow has the solution.

Photovoltaic Applications

Even the best products have limited value when not properly applied. To complement our extensive product portfolio, Watlow brings a wealth of application knowledge and experience. Whether via consultative sales and field engineers or product specialists and systems engineering experts, we can provide the level of application support you require. From help in choosing the correct thermal solution to developing complex thermal subsystems, we can tailor our support to meet your needs.

Products for the Photovoltaic Industry

Watlow continues to build on 80 years of innovation with a broad range of heaters, sensors, and controllers specifically for use in the photovoltaic processing equipment. Because
Watlow designs and manufactures all the components that make up the thermal loop they are uniquely positioned to provide the highest performing total solution at the lowest overall cost. The following are some of the Watlow products typically applied in PV processing equipment.

DIN-A-MITE® Power Controllers

EZ-ZONE® Temperature Controllers

Temperature Sensors

Large Radiant Panel Heater

Large Conductive Heater Plate

Engineering Services