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Plastics Processing Industry

Watlow Plastics Processing

It is more than just the cost of heaters, temperature sensors or temperature and power controllers; it's performance that counts. With Watlow's thermal components processors can count on less downtime due to increased heater reliability; and a reduction in operating costs due to energy conservation - both of which help achieve greater output.

Watlow has provided plastic processors with product innovations for injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion operations, for years. Quality, innovation and reliability are the hallmarks of Watlow's family of heaters, sensors and controllers. Watlow provides not only traditional thermal solutions, but also innovative, high-performance technologies to meet the specific processing demands of plastics industries.

Watlow has your thermal solution, engineering services and global manufacturing capabilities to service the plastic applications.

Injection Molding

Watlow provides a broad range of heaters, sensors and controllers for applications including products like barrel heaters. These heaters are ideal for highly engineered or filled resins that require higher temperatures and tighter tolerances. Regardless of the machine tonnage, Watlow has the product to fit your need.

Hot Runner Systems

In hot runner systems, temperature uniformity is critical to insure balanced melt flow delivery for part-to-part consistency as well as preventing runner obstructions and material degradation. Watlow's history is highlighted with numerous innovations for hot runner systems. The first to patent the cartridge-style heater, the tradition continues with a broad offering of both traditional and high-end products to meet the demands of this plastics processing segment.


Regardless of the extrusion system, Watlow's family of thermal solutions provides the high-performance, reliability and accuracy needed to optimize processes. Watlow's products provide overall product quality, assure process repeatability and shorten overall startup time.

Some applications where Watlow can provide thermal solutions for extrusion include:


Watlow can provide an array of products and engineering services to help optimize thermoforming processes. Whether a customer requires a 'sealed face' heater to keep sheet/roll contaminants away from the element while offering ease-of-cleaning and longer life, or overall precise process control, Watlow's family of heaters, temperature sensors and controllers can meet these demands.

Regardless of the application, Watlow has the solution to meet the need:

Blow Molding

Regardless of your resin choice or final part shape, Watlow has an extensive offering of heaters, temperature sensors, and temperature and power controllers to meet the application requirements.