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375 Finned Strip Heaters 

Watlow's 375 finned strip is constructed of highly-compacted MgO-based insulation, which conducts heat efficiently from the nickel chromium element wire to the sheath. Two-inch wide (51 mm) aluminized steel fins are attached in a way that maximizes surface contact so heat is transferred into the air faster. Lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by this finned construction.

Available lengths from 51⁄2 to 48 in. (140 to 1220 mm) 


Material Maximum Operating Temperatures Maximum Watt Densities
°F °C W/in2 W/cm2
Aluminized steel  1100 595 33 5.1
  • Aluminized steel sheath temperatures to 1100°F (595°C)
  • Watt density up to 33 W/in2 (5.1 W/cm2)
  • UL® approved to 240VAC (File No. E52951)
  • CSA approved to 600VAC (File No. LR7392)

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